Alastair Lucas & Nicolle Flint’s letters in the Melbourne Age Newspaper

May 17th, 2013

Bush-bashing via media appears to be becoming a national sport. The latest is a letter in the Age Newspaper by Alastair Lucas AM.  He criticises Nicolle Flint’s recent letter regarding the particular section of ABC television which increasingly looks like an unquestioning mouthpiece for animal rights extremists.  They are not presenting the full facts regarding […]

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Starving cattle to graze in Queensland National Parks

May 16th, 2013

Predictably, conservationists are jumping up and down about the prospect of certain (starving) cattle being allowed to graze in some of Queensland’s National Parks. Quite a few of the parks being considered would already have (feral) cattle in them, and all would have been cattle stations at one time.  They were made National Parks due […]

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NAPCo – North Australia Pastoral Co – shares for sale

May 13th, 2013

The North Australia Pastoral Co (NAPCo) is one of Australia’s oldest large pastoral companies; having been established in the 1870s. Renowned for conservative, steady management (the most likely style to make a healthy profit, long-term); the ownership of NAPCo has always been kept as secret as possible; with long-term shareholders living unassuming lives out of […]

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Rockhampton’s Beef Week

April 29th, 2013

Rockhampton’s Beef Week is next scheduled for 4-9 May 2015.  Today someone asked me why I attend.  Good question! It is the biggest Australian event of it’s kind and has a special buzz about it; helped by the fact that it’s only held every 3 years, thus efficiently concentrating attendance and the money involved. Here’s […]

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Nutritional value of red meat

March 15th, 2013

Today someone asked me ‘what is the nutritional value of red meat’ (in a person’s diet).  Good question!  Unprocessed red meat includes a number of elements vital for human health. Nutrition and human health is an incredibly complicated field; research results often throw up conflicting views, some of which are later discredited. Above all – […]

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SLM Australia Livestock Fund

March 12th, 2013

SLM Partners Australia Pty Ltd has set up the SLM Australia Livestock Fund, which has apparently been buying property around Cunnamulla (Southern Queensland) and Enngonia (North Western NSW). The plan is to cell graze large numbers of  cattle to “improve productivity while enhancing the environment”.  SLM stands for “Sustainable Livestock Management”.  Presumably SLM Partners will […]

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Australia 3rd for both life expectancy & meat consumption

March 6th, 2013

So much hot air is spoken about what a healthy diet consists of these days. And most of emanates from people with underlying attitudes, with an urge to steer the general population in a particular direction (veganism). Commonsense suggests the most intelligent course is to eat moderate amounts of good quality, sustainably produced food from […]

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Meat Free Monday Propaganda

December 29th, 2012

Do you know who is associated with the latest push to ‘reduce’ Australian meat eating – ‘Do Something’/ Foodwise ‘Meat Free Mondays’?  No?  The funny thing is I doubt the high-profile Australians supporting it really do either. Or if they do know it’s Animals Australia who are driving the campaign, they’re blind to the dark […]

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Cattle station work featured on ‘Big Australia’ – 7Mate TV channel

November 26th, 2012

The most recent episode of  7Mate’s  ‘Big Australia’ TV series featured life on a northern Australian cattle station.  Over the one hour programme, 3,000 head were mustered out of Green Holes paddock on the Acton Land & Cattle Company’s ‘Millungera’ Station, in Queensland’s Gulf Country. Brothers Graeme and Evan Acton are well known in the […]

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Foreign investment in Australian agricultural land & food production companies

August 6th, 2012

Trade Minister Craig Emerson says the increase in foreign ownership of Australian farm land has been negligible. ‘Barely 6%’ is foreign owned and there has been ‘little change in 25 years’. How about Craig trots out the precise figures, so we can draw our own conclusions? Or do his figures only include land sales that […]

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