Looking for information on drones on farms or cattle stations?

I’m receiving increasing enquiries from regional Australians seeking information on drones, particularly for use on farms or cattle stations. It’s fantastic to see the rising interest and the determination to seek out reliable information! Unfortunately there’s not enough spare time or resources in my business to provide one-on-one consultations and too many valuable aspects are lost, in online presentations. Instead, I run in-person group presentations. These unique presentations are far more beneficial for individuals, agricultural industries and the advancement of regional areas.  As well as being more effective, group presentations enable me to reach far more people.

Participants in the Blackall 2 day Rural Drone Academy workshop, run by Fiona Lake. There are multiple benefits in attending drone workshops that are not obtainable in one-on-one sessions or in online training.

Benefits of attending in-person drone education sessions:

  • Presenter delivery. Far more engaging than online or pre-recorded content. It’s very hard for a presenter to remain animated when just talking at a computer.
  • Personalised presentations. Good presenters read the audience sitting in front of them. They assess whether information has been understood, whether more detail is required and when a change of pace or breaks are needed. No two presentations that I run are identical – they are all personalised, to maximise participant benefits.
  • Maximum recall. A feature of my workshops is the sharing of stories amongst participants. I don’t just stand up the front and talk at people, we have face-to-face, unplanned discussions while we learn, as well as enjoying a lot of laughter. This exponentially improves the learning experience and vastly increases the retention of useful information.  (Research bears this out. And it correlates with my own experience – I’ve listened in to many hour-long webinars and have been flat out recalling anything a day later. Nothing wrong with the content, it’s just incredibly hard to deliver lasting impact, online.)
  • Networking. In a relatively new and super-fragmented industry such as the drone industry, the benefits of this just cannot be overestimated. Particularly in regional Australia where educated drone pilots are sparse. During a drone workshop, participants often figure out who they have a lot in common with and form lasting relationships. This may include contacting one another to problem solve, sharing drone-related news, loaning accessories or going on drone flights together to build confidence or just have fun.

Fundamentally – in-person gatherings still exist because people want to meet in person. They want personal attention, to be able to instantly ask questions, to share stories and laughter and get to know other participants. Where that not the case, all conferences and workshops would have moved online years ago.

Drone flight demonstration day at Kooroorinya, North Queensland. To date workshops have been run between southern Victoria’s coast to Queensland’s Cape York Peninsula, plus remote areas such as Pooncarie, Innamincka and Quilpie (NSW, SA & SW Qld). In-person workshops enable participants to get to know their own drone gear better and see drones in flight.

A drone workshop near you:

You’d like to attend a drone workshop but it’s too far to travel to those I have on my calendar?

Encourage an industry organisation, social or photography group or government body to host one. Drone workshops are most successful when hosted by locals as locals know what time and format best suits others nearby, can gauge the level of interest and can plug into existing networks for relatively easy promotion and venue arrangements (plus catering, if applicable). I travel all over Australia to present workshops hosted by others.

If you have any queries regarding hosting a drone training session where you live, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Rural Drone Academy training covers the A to Z of everything a drone pilot needs to know in order to fly safely, productively and enjoyably. Drone workshops are based on a wealth of drone and small business experience, with specific topics added according to participant interests. No two workshops are identical.

Drone information blog posts

  • I’ve written a number of posts containing information I wish I could have found at the outset. The drone topics below are either not covered by anyone else at all, incompletely or inaccurately.
  • All the information in these posts is included in Rural Drone Academy training, to some degree, but with the addition of many other useful topics, entertaining examples, participant Q & A’s and networking.
  1. Rural Drone Academy workshops & training – want to lift your flying up to another level, solve some drone issues, or you need a hand to gets started? These workshops are useful for all skill levels, ages and backgrounds.
  2. Next workshops plus previous events – upcoming events you can attend. Previous events are also listed, which will give you an idea of the regions covered, themes and the diversity organisations hosting them.
  3. Comments from participants – forthright opinions from people who have attended drone sessions held in four states.
  4. The principles of drone safety & laws – essential reading for every drone pilot. Accompanied by impressive ‘fail’ stories, during Rural Drone Academy training.
  5. How to set up a drone business – how to steam ahead – use time, energy & money to maximum effect – and avoid pitfalls. Included in drone workshops in detail, if applicable to participant interests.
  6. What is the best drone to buy for a beginner?  Objective information to help you decide. The internet is full of drones that have hardly been flown because they didn’t suit the buyer’s purpose. Don’t join them!
  7. What is the best drone to buy? Comprehensive information on the most common consumer models to help drone pilots upgrading or seeking a drone for a specific task.
  8. Is a Crystal Sky screen worth buying?  The pros and cons compared to using phones and tablets as screens, from an objective point of view.

If you are interested in attending Rural Drone Academy training don’t hesitate to contact me by email or ring the business-hours phone number listed below.


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